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D'Amore is Proud to Announce Our Extended Care Program

Outpatient Mental health Treatment in Orange County, CA

Extended Care is D’Amore’s Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. This Outpatient Mental Health treatment program serves as an extension of the core curriculum utilized at D’Amore’s inpatient residential treatment center. Our Extended Care program serves as an opportunity for clients stepping down from residential care to maintain their connection to D’Amore’s supportive community of mental health professionals.

This program is also ideal for individuals who aren’t able to participate in a residential program. At Extended Care, people who cannot take time away from their jobs, young children, and other responsibilities will be able to attend our outpatient program and focus on improving their mental health.

Patients in our Extended Care Program will be able to live at home or in supportive living while still benefiting from the intensive therapeutic offerings and medication management provided by our team of experienced mental health clinicians. At D’Amore, we know the importance of consistency. That is why we developed this program to provide our patients with the Gracious Redundancy of positive feedback to ensure they continue on their journey to recovery.

Program Components

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

At D’Amore Healthcare, we provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helps treat a number of mental health conditions. This CBT therapy technique is the current gold standard of psychotherapy.
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Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical-behavior therapy (DBT) sessions primarily gear the attention towards helping patients develop new emotional regulated strategies and mindfulness skills to improve the overall quality of life. 
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Acceptance & Commitment

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a form of psychotherapy that combines mindfulness strategies with self-acceptance. The aim of ACT is to acknowledge the existence of negative thoughts, understand them, and learn how to live with them. 
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Medication Management

D’Amore Healthcare offers medication management for psychiatric disorders. We evaluate your entire mental and psychological history before customizing a pharmacological treatment plan.
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Individual One-on-One Therapy

Our counselors provide individualized counseling for every patient. During these sessions, our therapists can help you overcome symptoms related to your mental health condition.
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Intensive Group Therapy

Group sessions provide a safe space for people who want to listen and are in similar places.  We can help deliver you a sense of inclusion and belonging, so that you can improve your mental wellness.
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Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapies encompass a variety of therapeutic approaches that involve actions, movements, and physical experiences to facilitate emotional growth and healing. Our program includes Yoga, Pilates, and Music Therapy, and Equine Therapy
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Life Skills

Life skills refer to the abilities needed to effectively manage and navigate the complexities of daily life. Our program includes life-skills building workshops that include nutritional counseling, assistance in resume creation, and job searching as well as Emotional regulation.
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Family Therapy

Mental health conditions shift a family dynamic and make things uneasy and tense. Restoring a family system is the root for long-term recovery, making family therapy an essential part of the process.
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Levels of Care

A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a structured mental health treatment program for individuals who have completed a residential treatment program. These programs are also suitable for individuals who are unable to participate in Residential Treatment due to their job, family, or other responsibilities. This treatment program is a level of care below 24-hour care and is commonly used as a preventative measure against an unnecessary stay in a residential facility.

D’Amore offers a comprehensive, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that is medically supervised and coordinated with clinical services. Treatment plans are individualized, and the length of the program depends on each patient’s unique needs. Our IOP program is ideal for individuals who have successfully completed a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) or those individuals that may need a bit more support than a traditional outpatient setting with weekly therapy and psychiatry can provide.

Residential Program

D’Amore offers Residential Mental Health Treatment through its Parent Program, D’Amore Mental Health.  To learn more about our Residential subacute treatment and crisis stabilization program, go to our website at

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D’Amore Mental Health is here to help you or your loved one receive the necessary treatment to achieve a healthier future. Take charge of your life’s journey toward recovery and embrace newfound confidence and independence through our transformative programs. Find out more about our program and the D’Amore Difference by reaching out to us today.